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   As experience providers, Tromsø Villmarkssenter and NorthernShots Tours see every day that people are changing the way they travel. Guests today demand to be recognized as individuals and to have individual experiences, as well as increasing their general expectations of quality delivery. The development of communication technology has moved power from the product/brand to the people – positive customer reviews are more valuable than ever. All of this leads to customer understanding becoming the crucial competitive factor in the industry.

   As entrepreneurs, we recognize the need to evolve alongside the general developments in the industry in order to stay relevant and guarantee sustainable growth. We also recognize that this need cannot be met alone, but must be a holistic undertaking for the destination as a whole.


   To facilitate such a development, we evaluated the different growth opportunities outlined by the industry and found one concept that connected with us and what we want to archive: 

«Keep the customer at the destination for 5 days».

   Extended stays create more revenue. This allows us to invest in raising the level of service quality and meet guests as individuals. They also give guests the time to gain a more in depth understanding of the Tromsø region.


   We put the way we provide service at the center of our business concept. We focus on the customer and their needs throughout all stages of their travel: Preparation of their experience, delivering the experience and the follow-up afterwards. This requires direct connection between experience providers, who are the ones responsible for the quality of experiences delivered and constantly in contact with the guests, thereby receiving feedback about their satisfaction. 

   A direct connection allows for sharing knowledge throughout the network, so that a common service standard can be set and continuously improved. A provider network is also necessary to ensure an activity portfolio big enough to offer guests from all segments itineraries for several days. Starting with 8 partners, we have laid the foundation of a network that we hope to expand in the future.

Booking Point is our concept store and the concept’s first meeting point with the customer. To ensure that it is communicated as intended, we put and emphasis on staff training. Our staff is competent in providing highly individualized service as well as knowledgeable about the region, our partners, and their offers. We also designed a shop environment that facilitates our way of guest interaction.

The Future

   Through this project we hope to contribute to a general shift in Tromsø’s tourism sector that is already happening. Projects like Arctic 365 and Sommer i Nord are evidence that this need for increased interaction in the destination has been recognized and measures have been put to action.

   Especially important for us is a focus not only towards the winter, but also the summer season, where we see the most growth potential. We therefore aim to build a network that can function as a tool for creating a brand-identity for Tromsø in summer.

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